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Exquisite Fish Tanks to Enjoy While Waiting to Dine on Equally Exquisite Cheesecake

As an aquarium hobbyist or a fish tank connoisseur, we at, your online aquarium fish tank superstore, understand that fish tanks tend to be appreciated in any facet of your life.

When you’re attending a birthday party and see a wonderful tank setup in someone’s home, for example, you’ll be the first to set down your slice of birthday cake and have a look at the innards and figure out just what protein skimmer you would have in there, as well as what fish would make the best community for that particular shape and application! We know, we know… so in the spirit of great aquariums and another facet of everyone’s lives, we’d like to present some of the best fish tanks to see while waiting for your table to be ready at restaurants around the country!

Everyone loves chocolate cheesecake, and one great place to find cheesecake (and other wonderful desserts, for that matter), is the Cheesecake Factory. If you’re ever in Las Vegas, be sure to check out the restaurant in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s palace…not as much for the food (which is wonderful!) as for the 50,000 gallon saltwater aquarium that you’ll be able to appreciate while waiting for your table to be ready at the Cheesecake Factory nearby. This unbelievable aquarium houses over one hundred different species of marine life and you can even watch the scuba diver facilitated feedings twice a day. Included in this beautiful tank are tropical puffers, flounder, and even some sharks! Good cheesecakes or not, we say a trip to this particular dessert house is worth it just to stand in line for a table!

Next stop is Hawaii’s Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki, where you can dine in a restaurant that makes use of a 3 story, 280,000 gallon sea water aquarium for one of its walls! This is truly a one of a kind fish tank, and a truly unique way to enjoy a meal from appetizer to dessert!

This tank measures roughly 30 feet deep by 52 feet long and 32 feet wide, and houses around 500 fish representing over 60 different species. Most of the aquatic life found in this tank is native to Hawaii. There are two Hawaiian sting rays, triggerfish, wrasses, unicorn fish, and more in this restaurant treasure. The system uses a large seawater well, two oversized sand filters and a waterfall to return the oxygenated water to the tank, cycling between three and four thousand gallons of water every minute! Perhaps the most unique feature of this aquarium restaurant is the ability to request a fish tank sign from the staff member that takes your reservation. Have a birthday or a anniversary to celebrate? Well, just say the word and a diver will put the sign on the wall of the tank to tell the rest of the diners about your special occasion. Now that beats even a birthday cake delivery!!!

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