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The aquarium lighting system is probably the most important component of a reef aquarium. It is often also the most difficult component to choose. After deciding between metal halide,VHO, or power compacts, the color temperature of the lamps must still be chosen. It would be nice if we could simply list a formula of "watts per gallon" or "watts per square foot of a tank", but when you take into consideration the different heights of tanks, and the different lighting requirements of soft corals, stony corals, clams, etc. it is apparent that these type of formulas will not work. There are many great books available on reef system and lamp types. To truly understand lighting we suggest your read them. However, if you just need some general information on lighting systems, or would like a recommendation on lighting system for a specific application, please feel free to contact us at 866-999-8265 or
HOW MUCH LIGHTING DO I NEED? There is no easy answer to this. Experts recommend anything from a minimum of 1.5 Watts/gallon to a maximum of 6 Watts/gallon for reef tanks. The amount of light you need is very dependent on the types of invertebrates you have, the depth of your tank, and the spectrum of the lighting. Extremely deep tanks and tanks with a large number of stony corals might need from 4 Watts/gallon to 6 Watts/gallon. Tanks with just a few soft corals probably don't need metal halide lighting
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