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Water Pumps/Powerheads

Powerheads: are generally used inside the tank, with systems without a sump or systems with a sump but wanting to add more flow.

Submersible pumps: These are pumps that can be fully submersed in saltwater. You can put them inside your sump or tank. Some can run out of the water as well.

External pumps: These are used outside your sump only. You install via a bulkhead from your sump to the pump, or with some up and over pipework and self-prime the pump. These pumps can not get wet. The main advantage to these type of pumps are durability and power. They have sizes for just about any size tank. Experts recommend turning the water of your tank over 5 to 10 times per hour in a fish-only system. In a reef tank, we recommend turning the water over least 10 times per hour (many hobbyist go up to 40 to 50 times/hour).
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Aqueon Circulation Pumps
Life Time Warranty
BlueLine  External Water Pump
By BlueLine Pumps
Eco Tech  Submersible Pumps

By Eco Tech Pumps
Hydor Koralia  Power Heads
By Hydor Pumps
Hydor Seltz Pumps
External or Internal Pumps
Mag Drive Pumps
Danner Mag Drive
Sicce Water Pumps
Submersible or Inline Water Pumps
Dosing Pump
Various Manufacturers
Pump Flow Meters
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