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Aquariums and the Zodiac – Why do we Love to Look at Fish Tanks?

There a million reasons why fish tanks bring so many of us such pleasure. For some, it is the peace provided by the appeal of water and the soothing sounds that emanate from a beautiful aquatic display. Others may enjoy the brilliant colors of coral, fish and other fascinating life that makes up a well designed aquarium. And for some, the reasons they get so much joy from an aquarium is strangely inexplicable. It's just a sense – just a feeling they get from having a fish tank near. In the home, in the office, in the back of the restaurant they might be eating in: an aquarium can make all the difference.

You may not have to be an expert in Mayan Horoscopes or astrological signs to explain what it is that draws you to an aquarium. Those sensitive and intuitive individuals that possess a Zodiac that is also a water sign are highly recommend by their astrological charts to live or be near water. Does that sound like you? Do you long to dive into any body of water you come across? If you know your astrology and you know that you're a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, you probably feel that pull toward water, the ocean, rivers, and lakes, don't you? You relate to the passion of the waves as well as the peace of the open sea. Wouldn't it be great if all of us water signs could live on the oceanfront? Or next to a babbling brook or even a roaring river? Most of us can't really swing more than a quick beach vacation or a fast fishing trip these days. That's why a fish tank or aquarium is just the thing to enhance your home or office space, wherever that may be. We bring the ocean to you and we know you are going to love it.

OK, so you know your astrology and you know that you're not a water sign. No need to worry, there are plenty of ways an aquarium can add to your surroundings. For example it can brighten up your living space or even increase the value of your home. Fish tanks provide wondrous educational entertainment for children and adults alike. Hobbyists and enthusiasts can expect hours and hours of pleasure from a great aquarium, and kids love to learn about new creatures and habitats. What a great way to teach your kids about the environment and all its wonders. Fish tanks can also teach kids about responsibility and stewardship.

OK, so you may not subscribe to a monthly astro-magical E-zine, but maybe you love to throw dinner parties? A fish tank is a fantastic conversation piece and always gets plenty of oooh's and ahh's from guests. The minute people walk in your home, they will immediately head to the aquarium to check it out. But be careful! Someone will almost always want to feed the fish! Here's a horoscope for you: Your aquatic display will be the talk of the town!

The peace and serenity that a fish tank can offer is undeniable. So many people have already experienced the joy that an aquarium can bring, and more people are joining the ranks of aquarium owners no matter what astrology books they might be reading. Can't you already imagine the colors, the movement, and the grandeur? It doesn't really matter whether your astrological sign is that of earth, air, fire or water: a fish tank or aquarium can bring plenty of pleasure and interest to all.

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