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Setup and Care Guidelines

  • Be sure that the entire bottom is fully and evenly supported by your aquarium stand or cabinet.
  • Do not replace fluorescent lights with incandescent lights, the heat may melt the ABS plastic hood; you may mount multiple fluorescent fixtures in each light hood.

Some of our products use incandescent lighting which are included with the product. Incandescent light bulbs should never exceed a maximum of 15 watts.

All CASCO hoods were designed to accept additonal Expand-A-Light Fluorescent Fixture.

High output lighting (such as metal halide) should be mounted or hung well above your Aquarium to disperse the additional heat.

  • Use caution when using, installing, or adjusting any electrical device in your aquarium to prevent harm to yourself or life in your aquarium.

Do not use alcohol of any kind to clean the aquarium.

  • Do not use scouring powders on the aquarium or cleaners that have ammonia or solvents.
  • Do not lift or carry the aquarium when it has water or gravel in it.

The Legal Stuff: Limited Lifetime Warranty

CASCO Group, Inc. (California Aquarium Supply Corporation) warrants this aquarium against leakage, to the original purchaser, for as long as it is in their possession and under the following conditions: The Warranty Card must be completed and mailed to CASCO within 30 days of purchase or receipt. Failure to do so will void the warranty. Any addition, modification or changes that were made to this aquarium by any other than CASCO will void the warranty. The use of stands or cabinets that do not fully support the bottom of the aquarium as well as physical abuse or mishandling will void the warranty. The repair or replacement of the aquarium will be at the discretion of CASCO. If there is a leak, please call CASCO at 714-522-8373 for further instructions. Return shipping to CASCO must be prepaid. CASCO’s liability under the terms of this warranty is limited to the replacement value of the aquarium and CASCO shall not be liable for the replacement of wildlife, plants or other consequential damage. CASCO shall not be held liable for removal, reinstallation, shipping or other costs incurred in obtaining warranty replacements. Proof of purchase from an authorized dealer must be provided when making a warranty claim.

Additional items:

  • Any product not manufactured by CASCO, will be warranted by that manufacturer.
  • Scratches, crazing or any other damages caused by the use of inappropriate cleaning or cleaners will void the warranty.
  • Fluorescent lighting fixtures, mounted into hoods, are warranted for a period of ninety days from date of purchase.