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AquaTop AT10020
AquaTop ARN-20 Aquarium Air Pump
Your Price: $79.99

Detailed Description

The AquaTop ARN-20 Aquarium Air Pump is relatively quiet while delivering a powerful punch with super low energy consumption. The ARN Series is an excellent choice for water gardens, ponds, large aquariums, and fish farms, and the ARN-20 can be used up to a maximum water depth of 7.3 feet. All AquaTop ARN-20 models have an impact-resistant rubber diaphragm and valve, ensuring a long life.

Multi-channel air divider

Power: 17 Watts

Exhaust 1500 L/Hr

Pressure: .028 MPA

Max water depth: 7’ 3”

Output: 5.905 cuft/h