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SeaClear 10-10094179
BiOrb 4 Gallon Black Betta Bowl
BiOrb Betta Bowl with Filtration
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Detailed Description

About the Product-Dimensions:12x5x12 inches
The Self-Filtering Aquarium-With 360-degree viewing and a built-in filtration system, the 4Gallon Baby BiOrb™ aquarium displays fish with minimal maintenance. Made of Plexiglass for crystal-clear visibility and durability, this 4 gallon Baby biOrb includes a built-in halogen light and a biological/mechanical/chemical filter cartridge that lasts six to eight weeks.

Other Notes:
The filter design uses a unique systemized five-stage method combining biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. This significantly reduces maintenance while ensuring that the water remains healthy and crystal clear for months between the simple filter cartridge changes. With the filter barely visible in the bottom of the globe, once biOrb is filled with water there is nothing to detract from its perfect 360 degree viewing angle.

Feng Shui

Clean, flowing, well-lit water with fish is the ultimate way of transforming bad energy !The biOrb is perfect for good Feng Shui, with its five-stage filtration system,bubbling water and low-voltage light.

The Chinese word for fish, “yu”, is the same as the word for success. If placed in the office and/or home good fortune will follow.

Fish in the biOrb are special. Goldfish are “baby dragons” in Feng Shui are very lucky!

Three fish symbolise “yang” energy. The best combination is two goldfish (representing good luck and energy) and one black fish (representing protection).

In Feng Shui, round objects help chi energy to curve around rooms and buildings

A biOrb with a blue or black lid and base activates your career