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SeaClear 10-100-94165
BiOrb LED 12v Intelligent Light
Your Price: $119.99

Detailed Description

Intelligent LED light for biOrb and biUbe aquariums
Create a 24 hour lighting cycle as nature intended - reducing the stress on your fish.
• Simply plug it in - no set up required.
• Sunrise, daylight, sunset and moonlight cycles -change at the push of a button with 7 different cycles to choose from.
• Automatic 24 hour timer-just plug the light in and it cycles at the same time everyday.
• No need to change a bulb-lasts 50,000 hours using long life, low energy cost saving LED's.
• Safe, low voltage, 12 volt power for use with all Reef One aquariums.
• Simple and quick replacement for the existing halogen light unit.
Concealed in the aquarium lid and only 18 mm thick.