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SeaClear 10-100-94307
BiOrb Timer
Your Price: $33.09

Detailed Description

Designed to help maintain a regular program of feeding and maintenance which will improve the aquarium and keep your fish happy and healthy for longer!
  • The biOrb Timer is a fun way of reminding you when to feed your fish and carry out maintenance. Following the clear flashing prompts will help keep your fish healthier and your aquarium looking better. The biOrb Timer reminds you so you don't have to remember.
  • - Simple and easy to use, ideal for children
  • -Reminds you so you don't have to remember
  • -Works with all sizes of biOrb and biUbe
  • -Portable, can be placed where you will easily see it
  • The biOrb Timer makes an ideal gift for any biOrb or biUbe owner.