100 Gallon Corner Aquarium 36x36x24 by TruVu

Stand and Canopy shown are sold separately Rather than a challenge a corner can be a perfect place for an aquarium. Available in sizes from 50 to 100 gallons. The TRUVU corner aquarium is specifically designed to fit into the corner of the room. The basic aquarium can be fitted with an Aquasystem or an overflow (REEF READY) for under the stand filtration providing an unobstructed viewing area. No airlines, heaters, siphon tubes or hanging filters to distract the viewer. TRUVU aquariums are constructed with the highest grade cell cast acrylic plastic by skilled technicians, employing conventional, as well as CNC equipment. Our products reflect the knowledge, pride and skill gained by more than three decades of experience. To cover top openings on our aquariums we offer (included) either impact resistant vacuum formed clear light plates or vacuum formed black ABS hoods. As an option our black ABS hoods can be supplied with single or dual fluorescent lighting fixtures. Other TRUVU lighting options include power compact or HID metal halide power compact hoods. TRUVU is proud to announce that it now offers a limited Lifetime warranty*

Price: $589.99
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Manufactured by TruVu

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