1500 XR Commercial - 1500 gallon by ETSS

  • The updated version of the first ETSS model ever developed. This skimmer has changed our concept what we can achieve with our marine tanks forever.
  • Unparalled skimming for large aquariums and central systems up to 1500 gallon capacity.
  • This professional skimmer is used to provide the finest water quality in some of the most awesome aquariums ever built.
  • It is 62 in tall, designed to operate as a stand along filter or used with remote sump filtration. The extra height accounts for its phenomenal performance and gas exchange capabilities that virtually eliminates the daily PH fluctuations experienced with other skimmers.
  • Produces higher redox readings than is possible with any other skimmer. This level of water quality was previously only been obtainable by the use of dangerous and costly ozone.
  • Unequalled phosphate removal and very plankton friendly "Downdraft™" action.
  • Size: 12x9x62 inches
  • Inlet: 1 inch PVC, can be used with either a hose barb or Std 1" PVC fitting. Includes 1" Union.
  • Outlet: one-1 1/2 inch PVC Gate valve
  • Pumps: 100 RLT Iwaki or similar. Extended range can use up to 1/2 HP High Pressure pump.
  • Flow range:1000-1500 Gallons per hour
  • Tank capacity: 500-1500 gallons
  • Uses 50 large bio-balls for the ultimate in water mixing action. Total control over a large (400+gallons) aquarium's water quality. Used commercially by many aqua culturist for their smaller systems or advanced hobbyist's large tank. Doing SPS corals and loads of fish with heavy food input? No problem, this skimmer can easily keep up with it. The skimmers flow rate can be controlled with a pump's outlet ball valve to control the skimming power and set it to accommodate the ideal organic level for any application. Lowering the flow rate increases the organic level in the aquarium. Increasing the flow rate decreases the organic levels in the aquarium. The total height of the oxygen reactor/mixer is what accounts for this skimmers phenomenal performance. While its size cannot be hidden under a stand, its skimming performance more than makes up the any inconvenience. Taller skimmers always have the performance edge and of those this is the most powerful tool available.

  • Price: $1,035.99
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    Manufactured by ETSS

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