1800 XR Commercial 4 Downdraft Towers - 800 gallon by ETSS

  • Powerful, Reliable ETSS patented "Downdraft"™ skimmer technology
  • Four full size "Downdraft" skimming towers provide the ultimate in under the tank skimming capacity.
  • This is the worlds most powerful skimmer at 28 in height.It will process up to 1800 gallons/hour. Enough cleaning power for really large tanks.
  • Small size allows it to be placed directly on top of the tank (This is configuration is commonly used by Public Aquariums in large commercial displays) or operated inside a tank's stand.
  • Fully powered with a 1/2 HP Iwaki pump.Very energy efficient with a 100 RLT Iwaki pump. It can provide exceptional water quality in tanks up to 800 gallons.
  • Fully sealed construction including closed injectors and quick disconnect water inlet fittings. Large, efficient 1 1/4 inch inlet plumbing with bushing for 1" feed line and a large 2 inch outlet Gate Valve.
  • Two keyhole flanges for the collection cup makes cleaning fast and easy .
  • Fully Automatic/Sealed operation available with the 5 gallon auto waste bucket lid. Automatically stops foam production when filled.
  • Dimension: 18x10x28"
  • Pumps: Iwaki 100 RLT or equivalent, 1/2 HP- Iwaki or Pool Pump for maximum output.
  • Flow Rating: 1500-1800 Gallons per Hour processing
  • Tank size: up to 800 gallons Originally built as an under the tank skimmer for a 500 gallon shark tank. It has since become a favorite of public aquariums and large professional tank installations. Simple, trouble free under tank design, excellent water cleaning performance and commercial duty construction all add up to big cleaning capacity in a small package.

  • Price: $1,223.00
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    Manufactured by ETSS

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