2000 XR Commercial 2 Downdraft Towers - 2000 gallon by ETSS

  • Powerful ETSS patented Downdraft™ Technology skimmer
  • Larger commercial version of the famous Dual Downdraft™ Tower ETSS 1400, but with greater water processing ability.
  • Height of 62 Inches. For lower height requirements, call us.
  • Fully "O ring" sealed "XR" water injection system. Can be easily disassembled for inspection and maintenance of the Downdraft towers
  • Small size to performance ratio, allows big skimming performance in a small 16 x 12 in footprint.
  • Heavy Duty Commercial cast acrylic construction. Includes Keyhole flanges and O ring seals.Just loosen the screws and twist off the neck and cup top for easy and fast cleanings.
  • Size: 16L x 12W x 62H inches
  • Inlet: 1 inch Hose
  • Outlet: one 2 inch Gate valve
  • Pump: 100 RT Iwaki, very energy efficient for its output.
  • Flow range: 1800+ Gallons per hour
  • Tank or System capacity: up to 2500 gallons For those seeking total control over a large tank or store systems water quality.This Skimmer is capable of effective removal of organic tank waste, including phosphates, stabilizing PH fluctuations and keeping oxygen levels saturated in your systems water. "Downdraft" mixing tower design is the most effective gas exchanger available in any skimmer.The ETSS 2000 is upgradeable to ETSS 2500 performance by replacing the skimmers cup/neck assembly with the ETSS 2500 part. Allows use of more powerful pump option if your system size should expand.

  • Price: $1,599.99
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    Manufactured by ETSS

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