250MH 2x 32w Sundial HQI Pendant Metal Halide Lamp by Current USA

Instruction Manual

HQI Fixture Maintenance


All-in-one fixture - integrated digital timers independently control lamps
  • Internal microprocessor based driving system - 15% more light output
  • SunPaq Enhanced with dual phosphor actinic SunPaq lamps

    The PowerPaq 10,000K HQI metal halide will make your corals thrive with stunning intensity and awesome color rendition. Packed with lumens, the 10,000K provides the natural shimmering effect found on coral reefs. Coupled with a highly efficient electronic driving system and SunPaq Dual Actinic lamps, the SunDial HQI produces more lumens per watt than any comparable lamp or fixture. Calculation Done

    SunDial 150w HQI is the first all-in-one integrated pendant light to include an internal electronic driving system coupled with built-in electronic timers. The result is a fixture that simply plugs in (with one cord!) and runs on its own. 24-Hour timers are easy to program, feature clear protective covers and have a minimum on/off setting of 15 minutes. SunDial 250w HQI utilizes a remote fan cooled ballast and includes two external timers. SunPaq Enhanced

    Enhancing the PowerPaq 10,000K HQI are revolutionary Dual Actinic SunPaq lamps providing both 460nm and 420nm actrinic wavelengths in one lamp. Emitting the necessary energy for activating photosynthesis in chlorophyll A and C, the SunPaq Dual Actinic provides the most complete actinic lighting spectrum available. What's Included

    Each SunDial Pendant features two automatic timers, PowerPaq 10,000K HQI lamp, 2x32w SunPaq Dual Actinics, cooling fan, glass lens, parabolic & hammertone reflectors and hanging kit. Optional Arm Kit allows for hanging SunDial HQI over aquariums without mounting to your ceiling.

  • Price: $418.99
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    Manufactured by Current USA

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