36" 2x 96watt Aqualight Retrofit by Coralife

Dimensions-35.75" X 5.5" X 1.25"

Coralife Aqualight Retrofit Compact Fluorescent Retrofit Kit Include:
True Actinic 03 Blue and 10,000K Daylight Compact Fluorescent Lamps (the 24 and 36 inch have one of each, the 48 inch has two of each and the 18 Quad has one 50/50 4-prong bulb)
External compact fluorescent electronic ballasts
2 on/off switches, 2-6 foot power cords, 2-12 foot lamp cords (except for the 18" Quad, which only has 1 bulb, 1 switch, 1 power cord and 1 lamp cord)
Moisture-resistant end caps
Highly-polished reflector
Installation hardware for custom applications

Price: $177.99
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Manufactured by Coralife

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