48" 6 Bulbs 324watt High Output T5 Light Fixture

Our High Output T5 lighting systems are the perfect choice for all marine and reef aquariums. This light combines both the high intensity lighting required for the growth of a successful reef with the compact and lower heat benefits of a T5 fluorescent light. Made from a powder coated aluminum case, it both vents heat out of the strip as well as gives it the best water resistance compared to other materials. Our High Output T5 lights offer a much higher output of lighting compared to power compacts, VHOs and the traditional T12 systems yet still able to maintain much lower heat on its surroundings.

*Very compact and slim at only 3 inches high, 11 inches wide and 48 inches long.
*Rapid start electronic ballast emits very low heat and eliminates the noise and vibrations.
*(4) 6500k midday bulbs and (2) 03 true actinic blue (all bulbs included).
*2 separate switches for easy installation for timers.
*Complete control of all blue, all white or ALL ON settings.
*Hinged (90degree rotation) or fixed tank mounting set clamps on the side of the tanks or can sit on top. (included)
Legs are adjustable for a variety of different lengths .
*Acrylic splash guard (included).
*German polished aluminum reflector.
*Stainless steel wiring cable system can adjust the unit up/down (optional).


Price: $320.00
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Manufactured by CAD

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