5000 XR Commercial 4 Downdraft Towers - 10,000 gallon by ETSS

Gain Control over your large system's water quality. A favorite with public aquariums for their large Tanks / Systems.

  • Four Tower ETSS Downdraft™ Technology skimmer *
  • This skimmer has changed our concept of the water quality we can achieve in large commercial systems or aquariums of 3000 gallons or more.
  • This model is 62 in tall, using four fully sealed removable "downdraft" skimming towers. Like getting four skimmers in one unit with only one collection cup to maintain.
  • Narrow side profile allows installation into even the smallest of spaces.
  • Can be used as a stand along or used with remote sump filtration. The extra height accounts for its phenomenal waste removal and gas exchange capabilities.
  • Produces water quality that was previously only obtainable with the use of ozone. But unlike ozone it uses safe air available from its surroundings to supersaturate the water's oxygen content.
  • The ultimate in compact skimmer design, that's easily placed, simple to maintain and move.
  • Pumps: 1-2 HP High Pressure pool pump, capable of pumping 5000 gph @ 12psi
  • Tank Sizes: 3000-10,000 gallon range
  • Plumbing: Inlet: Single 11/2 inch inlet ;Outlet: Dual 2 in. gate valves
  • Four into one manifold allows use of a single water inlet feed.
  • Includes quick water source disconnects for separating the pump from the skimmer for easier maintenance of either part.

  • Price: $3,899.00
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    Manufactured by ETSS

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