800 XR Professional(Dual Tower)- 400 gallon by ETSS

  • One of our most popular large in stand sized skimmer. Excels at cleaning the saltwater volume contained in larger tanks.
  • One "set and forget" outlet gate valve
  • Extremely good gas exchange along with powerful but gentle skimming action that's plankton friendly.
  • Good phosphate removal action due to the water shear factor obtained by the "Downdraft" Tower design, that can literally melt algae out of a tank.
  • Strong, commercial duty construction from oversized cell cast acrylic and a beautiful no edge finish on all parts (never a sharp edge), makes it a joy to clean and work with.
  • C&C cut keyholes provide a precision fit on all flanges. O ring seals used throughout. Quality constructed to last a lifetime.
  • Dimensions: 7 x 10 base x 24" height
  • Flow Range: 600-900 GPH
  • Pump size: 55 RLT Iwaki, Blue Line 55 HD or Equivalent
  • Recommended tanks: 180-400 gallons
  • Dual full size skimming towers. Like getting two skimmers in one body.
  • Mixing media: 22 balls per tower
  • Plumbing: Inlet: 1 in. pvc threaded and 1 in. hose barb; outlet: 1 1/2 in. pvc threaded, 1 1/2 in. pvc precision ten turn outlet gate valve included Two full sized Patented Downdraft™ Technology skimming towers. Provides a tremendous surface area in a small space for very effective air-water mixing and greater pump efficiency. Think of it as two skimmers build into one body.Extra large user adjustable flow range puts you in control of your tanks water quality by allowing you to adjust the skimmer's throughput to suit your tank inhabitants needs. Automatic air flow regulation, needs no adjustments. One great feature of all downdraft skimmers that is not apparent until a skimmer has been owned a while.All skimmers using air flow adjustments, beckett and spray injection types come to mind, are subject to a constantly changing air flow adjustment. They do not hold a setting due to salt "creep" buildup in their air intake. This is not a problem for Downdraft skimmers.

  • Price: $569.99
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    Manufactured by ETSS

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