Algae Magic 16oz. by Marc Weiss

  • Marc Weiss Algae Magic enhances clarity of the tank by eliminating the food sources for nuisance algae blooms (including green hair, brown diatom and red slime)
  • Not harmful to fish, plants, corals, rocks and other living organisms in the aquarium
  • Does not contain copper sulfate Marc Weiss Algae Magic is 100% organic. It takes the natural chemistry of the past and transforms it to the present. Clarity of the water relates directly to a water-balanced tank. Algae Magic provides the ability to lower the food supply of the nuisance algae. This event can take a short amount of time but it is not instantaneous. The objective of the formulation allows the desired plant growth to deal with wastes in the tank to more efficiently maintain better oxygenation. As the increased aerobic conditions of the tank predominate, nuisance algae will still exist (because this is the natural state of the life cycle), however, they will not predominate and cause displeasing aesthetics. Algae Magic when added to your tank will fortify your plants' leaf structure. The by-product of this effect enhances oxygenation within the tank and adds an additional food source for animal life. As the plants and microscopic creatures respond to the enhanced environment, the tank naturally clears of visible wastes and nuisance algae--creating an awesome view.

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    Manufactured by Marc Weiss

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