Aqua Medic Kalwasser Reactor

The Aqua Medic Kalkwasser Reactor is a sealed unit designed to supply reef aquariums with Calcium by enriching the fresh water top up supply. It uses the Kalkwasser-method and is filled with Calcium hydroxide, which is intermittently agitated by a pump. It is possible to automate the system by combining an automatic level controller such as the ab aquaniveau single with the AquaMedic Kalkwasser Reactor. The reactor is engineered to take a pH electrode to control the quality of the kalkwasser. An additional advantage of this method is, that phosphate is removed from the top up and the aquarium water. Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 22" (L x W x H).

Price: $243.00
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Manufactured by Aqua Medic/AB

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