Aqua Medic ORP/mv. Computer

Microprocessor controlled redox-potential (ORP) monitor and controller

Waterproof touch keys are used to set the required values and calibrate the electrode. The mV Computer is ideal for controlling anerobic biological filters such as the Aqua Medic Nitratereductor which have negative redox potential or can control the supply of ozone to the aquarium water's redox-potential. All these functions are possible due to the computers broad measurement and control range of-500 to + 1000 mV. The direction of control can be set upwards or downwards. The status of the direction of control and the output re shown on LED's.

A plastic shafted mV electrode with a BNC fitting and calibration fluids are included. Choose a standard probe for most applications. When fitting the probe into a threaded pressurized application such as a Nitratereductor, choose the screw-based probe.

Price: $349.00
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Manufactured by Aqua Medic/AB

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