Tank Size Up To 220 Gallons Recommended Pumps:,Rio1700/2100,ocean runner 2700

Aqua Medic Turboflotor 1000

The Turboflotor T1000 is a powerful skimmer with a unique plumbing scheme that makes it the smartest little skimmer on the market. Taking advantage of the fact that the surface of your aquarium is where proteins collect naturally, the T1000 is designed to intake the water exiting the overflow of your tank. By delivering the surface skimmed water directly into the reaction chamber of the T1000, efficiency is maximized. If splicing into the drain-line plumbing is not an option in your system, the T1000 can be run from a tee off of your main system pump or feed by a secondary pump. The T1000 Stand Alone requires a pump to vigorously re-circulate the volume of the reaction chamber, mixing it with finely chopped air bubbles. The T1000 is designed to be run on an Aqua Medic OR2700 (an Oceanrunner 2500 fitted with the formidable Needle Wheel impellor but each T1000 also comes with all the parts you’ll need to convert a RIO 1700/2100 pump for the same duty. The skimmer itself is entirely Ozone ready; simply replace the vinyl airline with silicone tubing to connect the ozone generator to the venturi. Either way you plumb it the Turboflotor T1000 Stand Alone is the best skimmer available in this price range and easily out-performs skimmers costing twice the price.

Price: $145.00
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Manufactured by Aqua Medic/AB

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