Height:26"Footprint:10.75"x6.75" Recommended Pumps:Mag12/18,Iwaki40rlt

AquaC-EV240 Tank Size 80-300 gallons


Aqua C EV-240

The EV-240 replaces our popular EV-200, but those words alone are unable to do this new skimmer justice. We've built a monster that can go head-to-head with every other sub-$500 skimmer on the market today - we've tested it against all the popular Beckett and downdraft type technologies and this skimmer consistently yielded exceptional results. The enormous mixing box and beefy 6" diameter foam tower make for excellent contact time, while our patented spray injection system guarantees ultra-quiet operation. A John Guest Super-Speedfit fitting is standard equipment on the EV-240 and allows for direct-to-skimmer calcium reactor hookup (blowing off excess CO2 can help stabilize tank pH).

The EV-240 runs off one spray injector and builds a 14" high column of solid foam. You won't have to worry about a noisy or hard to clean injector with this skimmer and the Twist-Lock flanges feature the security of EPDM gaskets with the same ease of cleaning as our original EV Series.

• Designed to sit directly on sump bottom - up to 10" of sump depth
• 3/8" precision ball valve for air flow control
• Super silent - you won't hear it running
• Virtually no bubble return to sump - we guarantee it
• Twist-Lock flanges make for secure connection without screws
• Mixing box has been increased by 40% = greater contact time
• Larger collection cup drain
• John Guest Speedfit fitting standard for calcium reactor hook-up
• Larger, wider diameter foam tower .

Questions? Give us a call 1-866-999-TANKS(8265)

Price: $399.00
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Manufactured by Aqua C

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