Height:32" Footprint:10.75"x6.75" Recommended Pumps:Gen-xMak4,Iwaki40-55rlt,Mag18/24

AquaC-EV400 Tanks Size 120-400 gallons

Up until now we have focused primarily on manufacturing hobbyist skimmers for tanks smaller than 300 gallons. The EV-400 breaks this tradition and brings our patented spray injection system to commercial customers and more advanced hobbyists. If you are planning a large reef or fish-only set-up this skimmer might be right for you. Although it won't fit in many sumps, it is extremely user-friendly, feature-rich, and energy efficient.

This skimmer has a taller mixing box than the EV-240, but the same footprint. Best of all, the EV-400 is whisper quiet, requires virtually no maintenance, and can accept either ozone or a direct calcium reactor hook-up.

• Designed to sit directly on sump bottom - up to 11" of sump depth
• 3/8" precision ball valve for air flow control (two valves)
• Super silent - you won't hear it running
• Virtually no bubble return to sump - we guarantee it
• Twist-Lock flanges make for secure connection without screws
• Mixing box has been increased by 40% = greater contact time
• Larger collection cup drain
• John Guest Speedfit fitting standard for calcium reactor hook-up
• Larger, wider diameter foam tower .

Questions? Give us a call 1-866-999-TANKS(8265)

Price: $469.99
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Manufactured by Aqua C

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