BiOrb Stand

  • Simple, quick assembly (just six screws)
  • Rear compartments to store
  • Waterproof construction materials used
  • Sturdy thick 8mm top shelf
  • Stand Height when assembled 30 Inches.
    The biOrb Stand is designed to elevate and enhance the style of any aquarium in the Reef One range. Exuding precision engineering and luxury materials throughout, the biOrb Stand features a substantial 8mm top shelf with robust joinery. The striking cylindrical design supports the complete range of Reef One aquariums and has been intelligently developed with two rear compartment to house the aquariums electrical parts eliminating any mess from the wires. The super strong lightweight construction ensuring that the stand is safe to use and easy to reposition. Complementing the very latest in home styling, the biOrb Aquarium Stand is finished in silver and black. The stand is ideal for supporting any aquarium in the Reef One range, helping to make your biOrb an eye-catching centrepiece in any room. Simple construction using just 6 screws makes the biOrb Stand easy and quick to setup, the included screwdriver means you won't need any additional tools to assemble.

  • Price: $144.99
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    Manufactured by Casco

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