Biotherm Temperature Controller

Fluctuations in temperature cause changes to the waters specific gravity, ability to hold oxygen and causes stress to fish, often leading to disease. A consistent temperature is a key element of stability, and stability is a cornerstone of the successful marine aquarium. The BlueLine Biotherm Controller provides a remote sensing thermometer and digitally precise temperature control for the Biotherm Heater or your existing heater. Know in a single glance the thermostat setting and the aquarium temperature with two bright independent LED displays on each Biotherm Controller. This becomes quite useful in monitoring the swings in temperature above your set point, during the course of the day or from season to season. Operation is simple and straight-forward and you will enjoy the integrated safety features that include overheat and dry running protection cutouts. When you consider the investment you have made to stock your tank, a high-quality heater controller like the Biotherm Controller becomes an essential insurance policy.

  • The Biotherm Controller handles up to 1000w

  • Price: $55.25
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    Manufactured by BlueLine

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