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Botton Time

Bottom Time

Bottom Time is the ultimate aquarium for the SCUBA enthusiast. This unique design actually incorporates the aquarium into a stylish replica of a dive tank, complete with a regulator, gauges and a dive mask. The dive flag insignia marks the top of
the tank, which is an aluminum finish with
black accents and the dive mask is highlighted with blue tones.

Dimensions: 141⁄2" length, 141⁄2" width, 291⁄2" height.

Free Shipping & Set Up Kit

*A complete set-up kit is available
for purchase which will include all the necessary components
to immediately establish a salt water environment
such as synthetic sea salt, "live" sand
and a 25 watt submersible aquarium heater. Just add water... and fish, of course!


Each Ocean Treasures Collection® aquarium utilizes the latest technology in water filtration design and is equipped to function in a fresh water or salt water environment. The advanced 90 gph silent submersible filtration system effectively replicates the natural processes of waste removal with built in mechanical, chemical and biological capabilities, ensuring optimal water quality in your aquarium. Complete with a venturi valve to adjust the oxygen output and a rotating return for regulating surface agitation, the filter also allows you to control the direction and rate of the water flow. Convenient filtration media cartridges are ready to use and can be changed in seconds. All components are fully removable for easy access and cleaning procedures. The filter pads and carbon cartridges are standardized items and can be purchased at most aquarium retailers.


Like any artistic masterpiece, lighting is an imperative component to enhancing true beauty. From enhancing the colors of the detailed coral reef sculpture to accentuating the innate vibrant hues of each living species, lighting plays an integral role in creating a mood. The lighting used in all of our Ocean Treasures Collection® aquariums is a custom UL rated lighting fixture with a brilliant 10 watt self ballasted, 6500K fluorescent bulb. Positioned and mounted above the reef to avoid obstruction and shading, the compact system evenly deflects light throughout the tank.

Price: $319.00
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Manufactured by Ocean Treasures

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