CaribSea A.R.M. Calcium Reactor Media 50lbs.

A complete reactor media containing not only calcium and carbonate, but essential trace elements as well. In fact A.R.M. has nearly 50 times the strontium of other brands (7,390 ppm) A.R.M. is processed for immediate use, no rinsing required, and has double the surface area of regular aragonite. Precision grading (2-3mm) allows for maximum carbon dioxide penetration, and the exclusion of gastrpod shells insures the lowest phosphate and silica (about 1/2 that of other brands) content. This grading also carries in the hight concentration of Halimeda incrassata, an aragonite so pure it has been used as a laboratory standard. A.R.M. has the highest solubility of any reactor media available (metastable at 8.2) so CO2 consumption is much lower. A.R.M., its what your corals are made of.

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Manufactured by CaribSea

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