1-9watt actinic & 1-9watt 10,000K

Coralife Mini Aqualight Power Compact

The Mini Aqualight Compact Fluorescent Fixture is the ideal lighting for small saltwater tanks and nano reef aquariums. The Mini-Freshwater Aqualight is perfect for freshwater and planted aquariums.

The Mini Aqualight Includes:
A 9W true actinic 03 blue power compact bulb and a 9W 10,000K daylight power compact bulb

The Mini Freshwater Aqualight Includes:
(2) 9W 6700K power compact bulbs

All Mini Aqualight Compact Fluorescent Fixtures Include:
Built in ballasts
Sleek black aluminum housings, 9" long, 5" wide, 2" high
On/Off Switch

Price: $32.99
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Manufactured by Coralife

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