Current Dual Satellite 30"

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Affordable 24-hour lighting system

  • Low profile
  • Energy efficient electronic ballast
  • 4 lamps in 2
  • Dual phosphor technology
  • Highest CFM fan among competing brands
  • The only single strip to include lunar lights

    24-hour ultra-high output lighting system. The Satellite is the first entry level lighting system to include the latest technologies and professional features resulting in outrageous performance at an affordable price.

    Advanced electronic ballast architecture. The patented circuitry inside each ballast ensures consistent high performance and low energy consumption while meeting FCC standards with EMI protection and low THD. All components are the highest quality available, meeting ISO 9001 standards, and are potted to reduce thermal stress and increase ballast life expectancy.

    Revolutionary SunPaq lamps incorporate a proprietary blend of phosphors from Nichia (the world's leading phosphor manufacturer) for the ultimate in spectral distribution, creating eye-popping aesthetics and life promoting energy. We didn't stop there - the SunPaq lamps feature the industry's only 18-Karat gold plated pins for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance as well as Philips brand filaments. A German parabolic reflector, coupled with our revolutionary dual phosphor SunPaq lamps, produce stunning output - the highest in the industry.

    Built-in Moon White Lunar Light completes the 24-hour lighting cycle, providing rhythmic moon luminance for increased spawning and reproduction. The Moon White Lunar Light casts a crisp moon glow for optimum nocturnal simulation and nighttime viewing.

    Heavy duty 1.7 mm extruded aluminum housing provides optimal heat dissipation and unmatched strength. The sleek, contoured, low profile style is perfect for any application. Keeping things cool inside is a super quiet, high CFM fan - the largest among comparable brands - extending fixture life and increasing performance.

  • Price: $136.99
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    Manufactured by Current USA

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