Current USA Fission Recirculating Protein Skimmer- UP to 225 Gallons

  • Dimensions: Height 26.75", Diameter 6", Footprint 15" X 9"
  • UL listed recirculating pump (660 gph). Note: the feed pump is not included (you can also feed the skimmer directly from the overflow box). The required flow rates are 200 to 450 gph--we recommend using the Mag Drive 3 pump. The skimmer has a 1/2" inlet.
  • Paddle-wheel injection system with ceramic shaft and paddle impeller
  • Air inlet silencer
  • Molded micro-bubble reducing trap
  • For in-sump use only
  • Water tight pump unions provide easy removal for cleaning and maintenance
  • Collection cup is easy-to-remove and has a rubber grommet connection assembly that ensures a snug fit
  • A fully adjustable flow valve completely allows you to control the water height within the skimmer body--maximizing foam collection
  • The drain port in the collection cup makes it easy to collect the foam and drain it away from your system
  • Watts: 50. Amps: .42.
  • Price: $240.00
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    Manufactured by Current USA

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