Emperor Aquatics PSP-4 Top-Mount 24" Pressurized PSP Filter

The Emperor Aquatics PSP (Pressure Sinking Pellet) Filters are specifically designed for "Heavy Solid Waste" applications, such as ornamental fish ponds. PSP Filters combine FilterClay pellet media with the right filter laterals to create a simple yet efficient solid waste handling filter. PSP Filters are a multi-functional filter, effectively accomplishing both solids-capture and bio-filtration, due to the unique characteristics of the FilterClay Media.


  • In/Out Port: 1-1/2"
  • Suggested Pond Size 4,800 Gallons
  • Maximum Pond Size 9,600 Gallons
  • 15 PSI/ 35 Ft. Hd. Max. Water Flow Rate: 4,800 GPH
  • Filter Dimensions: 24" x 33"
  • Price: $929.00
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    Manufactured by Emperor Aquatics

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