Evolution 500- 250 gallon by ETSS

  • Powerful ETSS Downdraft Technology skimmer
  • Breakthrough "Counter Current" ETSS design.
  • Allowing you to have sparkling clean tank water, where marine life can flourish and grow.
  • The wide range of pumps allows you to tailor the skimmers performance to match your tanks environment.
  • Space saving design allows this skimmer and its pump to fit into most sumps
  • Fully sealed construction allows you to use it either in the sump or external.
  • Dual Waste Collection™ option, allows waste collection in either the skimmer cup or in a remote container such as our Auto Waste™ collector.
  • Heavy Duty construction using oversized, top quality acrylic parts.
  • These skimmers will still work good as new, ten years from now.
  • Size: 61/2 x 61/2 x 22"
  • Pumps: Magdrive 9.5 pump Iwaki 20 or 30 RLT external pump or any pump with a similar rating
  • Flow Rating: 500 Gallons per Hour
  • Tank sizes: 75-250 gallons capacity
    The Evolution Series of skimmers are the first ever "countercurrent" downdraft design.This provides certain unique operational properties set it apart from the rest of the ETSS line. Giving your tank gentle but highly effective waste removal that will never over skim your aquarium. Great for a mixed coral tank. It creates the finest bubble size that totally fills the skimmer body with so much air that it turns the water to a solid milk color.The countercurrent action allows for far greater air water contact time and reduces the amount of wet foaming to a minimum.Creating a really dense waste product in a very compact space saving design.

  • Price: $329.00
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    Manufactured by ETSS

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