Goby Gold External Pump
2950 GPH
by Reeflo

We introduced a new motor to the Hammerhead and Barracuda pumps as well as a new model, the GOBY. The motor is made by Marathon motors in Wisconsin. We found that this motor maintains the RPM's at higher loads (system pressure) and thus it produces a bit more flow. In the case of the Hammerhead we were actually able to use a smaller impeller. This did cut down on the top end (5500gph vs. 5800gph), but it reduced watt consumption from a 340 average down to 272 watts (20% lower).

  • Hammerhead GOLD:5200 GPH at 4' ..only 290 watts, less than 3 light bulbs

  • GOBY: Over 3000 GPH at 198 watts!

  • Price: $459.95
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    Manufactured by Reeflo


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