Haiti-$3.75 Lb.

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Haiti rock, our only Atlantic rock we offer.

Is the best for its size, lightweight and shapes. To recap, the properties of this rock are unmatched when it comes to designing a structure. It interlocks one into another enabling a most solid structure, and the ability to create the most interesting caves and archways raised platforms for coral emplacement, or anything one can imagine.

The price for this rock is also the best value we can offer.

So if you want to get the most live rock in your tank within your budget you can: build the base of your structure or for that matter you entire structure, with Haiti rock. Haiti rock is the choice of many. In fact some aquarists insist on Haiti rock only.

Price: $3.50
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Manufactured by Fishtanksdirect

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  Haiti-$3.75 Lb. - 


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