Hydor CO2 Green NRG Exclusive

The Hydor aquarium CO2 systems are the easiest to to set up and easiest to maintain CO2 systems on the market. Everything is included in the package--even a fully pressurized CO2 cartridge.


  • A complete CO2 system for aquariums up to 79 gallons
  • Turbo diffuser: Increases CO2 efficiency by 40% (compared to a normal CO2 diffuser)
  • Longlasting: Each cartridge lasts 260 days at 4 bubbles a minute.
  • Simple and safe: Autoregulating pressure reducer with precision valve
  • Maximum efficiency: Results visible in 2 weeks
  • Perfect control: Special glass bubble counter for perfect visibility, regulation and control
  • Super-safe disposable charge

Price: $127.00
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Manufactured by Hydor

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