Ice Cap Model 430 Ballast

Ice Cap Electronic Ballasts operate various types of fluorescent lamps including standard, HO and VHO. These ballasts are energy efficient so they run cooler and extend the lamp life.

This IceCap ballast can run 1 to 4 lamps totaling12 feet of fluorescent lamps that are either VHO (1500 MA), HO (800MA) or STANDARD (425 MA), with lamp lengths 2' to 6' (NOT EXCEEDING THE MAXIMUM WATTAGE) between 40-240 watts. Soft start and high frequency operation prolongs lamp life and increases light output of non-VHO lamps. Can even be used with PC bulbs. IceCap's VHO ballasts come with a three year warranty and are repairable. Weighing less than 1 1/2 lbs they run cool and silent. Pays for itself in lower electric bills and money saved on new lamps.

Price: $175.00
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Manufactured by Ice Cap

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