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MarineRevolution - Free Shipping!
UV Sterilizer • Revolutionary Dry System • Easy Change Lamp

Water is contained within quartz sleeve avoiding contamination and maintains a safe barrier between electrical parts.

The MarineRevolution works in a unique way compared with typical Marine UVs. The water enters through one of the inlet ports where it circulates around the high powered UV-C bulb six times. The water is kept within the quartz sleeve and never comes into contact with the plastic or other materials which may contaminate it.

Thanks to the innovative design of the MarineRevolution fish and plant life within the tank are protected by the dry lamp system. The high powered UV-C lamp will still ensure bacteria, germs and pathogens have no chance of developing, whilst having no effect on the livestock itself.

This clever design also means there are no harmful chemicals coming into contact with the water, and an aluminium material inside the body ensures the reflection of the UV light making it highly efficient. The design of the MarineRevolution is such that it makes it as easy and safe to remove and change the UV bulb as changing a household bulb. The bulb itself never comes into contact with the water; it is simply slotted in between the quartz tubing.

Long quartz tubing - total length 1.6m, high quality aluminum shield reflects up to 80% of the UV light improving efficiency, high powered lamp has 12 months life, 3 stage hose tails can be plumbed either way and glow when lamp is on, easy mounting brackets, 3m power cord.

Price: $329.00
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Manufactured by Casco

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