Milwaukee-SM500 ORP Meter

The Smart portable EC and TDS meters are perfect for on the spot checks. Milwaukee's Smart conductivity meters provide stable and reliable results. Testing for mineral salts has never been easier or less expensive. The instruments can be calibrated using the trimmer provided on the back.

All models are supplied complete with a professional electrode/probe, calibration solution, a 9V battery, instruction manual and screwdriver for calibration.

Range ± 1000mV
Resolution 1 mV Accuracy ± 5 mV
Battery type/life 1 x 9V / 300 hours
Environment 0 Ð 50¡C/95% RH Max
Dimensions 80 x 145 x 35 mm

Affordable ORP meter with platinum electrode

  • Quick and accurate measurements
  • Battery operated
  • Large and easy to read display
  • Price: $97.99
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    Manufactured by Milwaukee

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