1) 96w Dual Daylight and (1) 96w Dual Actinic -2 Lunar Light

36.50"* x 8.4" x 4.5" without legs
(when used with the included legs the light is 6.75" tall, 8.4" front to back, and can adjust to lengths up to 37")

Current USA Orbit Lighting Fixtures Details:
All Current USA Orbit fixtures come with the lamps included. Half the bulbs are Dual Daylight (10,000K & 6,700K) and half Dual Actinic (460nm & 420nm).
From one to six Lunar Lights (number of lunar lights depends on fixture--see listings below for info on number of lights in each unit). The Lunar Light is a very small LED that sits inside the fixture above the bulbs. Use the Compact Fluorescent Dual Daylight and Dual Actinic bulbs for lighting for twelve hours during the day and use the Lunar Light(s) to illuminate the tank with a dim blue moon-lite glow for the twelve hours a day your Compact Fluorescent bulbs are turned off.
A black powder coated extruded aluminum housing. A great match for All-Glass, Island, Oceanic and Perfecto Aquariums.
Independent controls for dawn, dusk. Moon-Lite also independently controlled (each unit has three power cords).
Parabolic reflector.
3" fan for ventilation. (4X96W 36 inch, 4X96W 48 inch, 4X130 48 inch and 6X96W 72 inch have two fans)
Adjustable Docking Mounts (legs) for elevating above aquarium.
Easily removable acrylic lens.

Exact Dimensions
(LengthXWidth(front to back)XHeight)

(*Length and width includes power cord and switches. The length of the housing is 1/2" less. If in a tight space, please keep in mind that the fan input and output are on the ends of the housing. D0 NOT put this light under a canopy.) If you have a canopy you'll need the Sunpaq Retrofit.

Price: $185.00
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Manufactured by Current USA

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