Pacific Coast Gen-X PCX 55 High Pressure

Pacific Coast Gen-X PCX55(HP)

Gen-X pumps have been designed for long lasting operation. Virtually no maintenance is required. Cool running and quiet. Gen-X pumps are the best choice when looking for years of trouble free operation.

The GEN-X PCX-55HP(High Pressure) magnetic drive water pump.
Inlet- 1" MNPT
Outlet- 1" MNPT
Maximum flow- 1140 GPH
Pressure rated for a Maximum Lift of 26.2 ft.
Silent, maintenence free, no oiling required.
Economical to run 170watts, 110Volts
PSI rating 11.3
Fully guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturer defects.

Price: $175.00
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Manufactured by Pacific Coast

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