Picture Frame Aquarium

This 20 gallon picture frame (dimensions: 48”x 6”x 22”) has dual built-in wet dry filters with a flow rate of 350 gph in each filter, give you a total of 700 gph for the tank (that’s 35x turn-over per hour!). The system and lighting is adequate for a wide range of reef starting from the Novice (LPS) corals to the Advanced (SPS) corals. They also make great “All Fish” Marine tanks and freshwater planted tanks. It comes equipped with our High intensity powder coated aluminumT5 light strip with a built-in reflector, (1) 10,000k daylight bulb and (1) 03 true actinic blue bulbs. T5’s run cooler and are more efficient than Power compacts, VHO’s and T12 fluorescents. All parts are included and are ready to go right out of the box.

*can be easily mounted to most walls that have wood studs w/ our wall mounting system (included).

*CAD lighting's black onyx design (100%glass).
*All diamond beveling edges.
*Cell-cast acrylic 3-step filtration unit.
*All filter media, pump and fittings included.
*Blue adhesive vinyl background.
*T5 high intensity lighting (10,000k daylight, 03 true actinic blue) 42 watts.
*Rapid start ballast (electronic). No noise, vibrations and heat.
*Wall mounts and screws included.

Price: $885.00
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Manufactured by CAD

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