Includes Eheim Pump-Up To 250 Gallons

Presision Marine CR422 Calcium Reactor

  • Compact Sizes
  • Crystal Clear Bubble Counter w/ threaded check valve
  • Silent Eheim water pump-2 year warranty
  • Can use K-lith or SuperCalc Gold (not included)
  • Micro-adjustable needle Valve
  • Open access to reaction chamber
  • All Quick-Release fittings throughout
  • CO2 mixes with water pump intake
  • No cheesy flex hoses
  • Quality fittings throughout

Specifications: Overall Height: 24"Reaction Tube Diameter: 4" Reaction Tube Height: 18"Base Diameter: 8"x 9quot;

Water inlet and outlet size: 1/4" Polypropylene tubing Method of feeding: Gravity or Pressure Recommended Capacity: 250 gallons

Supplied Water Pump: Eheim 1250

Price: $390.00
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Manufactured by Precision Marine

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