Artificial Overflow Cover
Coral Reef Insert

Realistic Looking Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Inserts for both Saltwater Fish / Marine Fish Only with Live Rock Setup and Freshwater Fish Tank.

  • Artificial coral reef aquarium inserts packed with GORGEOUS life-like corals.
  • All Saltwater Fish / Marine Fish are Reef Safe to Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Inserts. Enjoy All the Saltwater Fish you want! Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Lionfish,Tang / Surgeon Fish, Trigger Fish, Wrasses, Foxface / Rabbitfish, Even Shark! FOWLR (Fish Only with Live Rock) is Perfect for people who like a beautiful saltwater fish tank without worrying about delicate corals in a coral reef aquarium setup.
  • Live rock can be placed behind artificial coral reef aquarium inserts or in sump / refugium for biological filtration. Artificial coral reef inserts also have Porous / Rough surfaces for beneficial bacteria to grow on, soon become artificial live rock and provide both biological filtration and hiding places for all saltwater fish / marine fish or tropical freshwater fish.
  • Many tropical freshwater fish are as beautiful as saltwater fish / marine fish. Upgrade to a Freshwater Fish Coral Reef Aquarium get the look of the ocean but keep your freshwater fish. Freshwater Coral Reef Aquarium with Instant Reef is much easier to maintain and very affordable.
    Non-Toxic Coral Reef Aquarium Inserts are safe to all saltwater fish / marine fish and freshwater fish.
    Instant Reef custom coral reefs are safe for all saltwater fish / marine fish, invertebrates and tropical freshwater fish, it does not release toxins into the water or change the water chemistry. Get Coral Reef Aquarium enjoyment at Saltwater Fish Only with Live Rock Tank costs. Easy to Maintain, No special coral reef aquarium equipment needed. Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Inserts DO NOT require:
  • Special coral reef aquarium lighting equipment! Live corals require INTENSE lighting and could provide unwanted excess heat and high energy bills.
  • Special coral feeding, Frequent water testing on proper calcium, alkalinity and magnesium levels, or the need for marine aquarium and saltwater supplements.
  • Special coral reef aquarium equipment like calcium reactor, wave maker, chiller, ozonizer, wet / dry filter, over flow or sump filter.
  • Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium is Easy to Setup, Clean and Maintain.
  • Cleaning Instant Reef custom corals is easy, simply use a soft brush and water to clean. Save time and effort.
  • Suggestion: Marine snails can keep artificial coral reef aquarium inserts free of algae. Astrea Snails, Margarita Snails are good candidates.
    Disclaimer: (Please read carefully)
  • Instant Reef is hand made artwork, each coral reef aquarium decoration is unique which may look different from sample photo shown.
  • Due to sun light, saltwater corrosion, algae covering, fish picking and other factors, the colors of Instant Reef might become FADED or PEEL over time. Warranty does not include color fading or peeling. It is recommended to cure Instant Reef before installing it in your saltwater aquarium. To cure, soak Instant Reef in freshwater for 2 hours, then soak in saltwater for 1 hour.
  • Only use water and a soft brush to clean.
  • Instant Reef is FRAGILE (especially in cold climate weather). Use caution when moving, cleaning and when changing water. Breakage by user is NOT covered by warranty. If broken, use aquarium silicon to fix.
  • Artificial Coral Reef Insert is also known as: Fake Coral, Coral Replica, Custom Coral, Artificial Reef, Artificial Coral Reef. Artificial Coral Reef Inserts are designed to use in Public Aquariums, Commercial Leased Aquariums, Home Reef Ready Aquariums, Saltwater Fish Only with Live Rock Tanks and Freshwater Fish tanks only. Instant Reef is NOT toy, breakable and pointed parts included, keep out reach of children.

  • Price: $125.49
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    Manufactured by Instant Reef

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