Red Sea CO2 Pro System

The Red Sea CO2 Pro System is a complete, efficient and user-friendly system to maintain a desired level of CO2 in planted aquariums from 10 to 125 gallons (40 to 500 Liters).

The CO2 Pro System Includes:

  • Full featured, dual gauge, safety Regulator that is supplied in versions suitable for connection to standard refillable CO2 cylinders and disposable CO2 cylinders
  • Independent, high precision, in-line, Needle Valve that can be located in a convenient location on the side of the aquarium and be set to stable flow rates as low as 4 bubbles per minute.
  • Highly efficient CO2 Reactor 500 that includes an adjustable flow water pump and can dissolve over 180 bubbles of CO2 per min
  • Bubble Counter with integrated check valve
  • Real time CO2 Indicator arrow
  • Does NOT come with CO2 bottle or tubing

Price: $132.50
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Manufactured by Red Sea

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