Refugium 30 Pro Sump- 225 Gallon by ETSS

  • Size: 30x14x16"
  • 30 gallon capacity
  • Positive flow refugium compartment
  • Water level indicator
  • Air removing chamber
  • 100 Micron Bag & Holders
  • Two 1" Tank Drain Bulkheads
  • Includes Probe holders, 1/4" John Guest fitting and heater or hose holder
  • 2/3 Acrylic Cover
  • Accessory Rail with pre drilled bulkhead holes
  • Four black dividers and a positive circulation refugium compartment

    Ultra High Flow allows for the high sump flow rates encountered in today's top filtration systems. Our baffle design allows for a bubble free tank return even with the most powerful skimmer attached.

    Our unique constant water level design maintains the same water level in the skimmer compartment irregardless of evaporation. This means that the skimmer will always operate exactly as set.

    Large open areas in the sump design allows for easy fitting of accessories. All acrylic construction with probe holders and covers. Also included is the 100 Micron filtration bag.

    One of the best designed refugiums available. Full four black baffle design with our positive flow refugium section. This forces water from below the surface to empty into the return compartment at the top giving the maximum oxygenation to the water in all compartments. This designed circulation of water makes for the best refugium section, allowing algae and plankton to prosper.

  • Price: $359.99
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    Manufactured by ADHI

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