Root Therm 400 Heating System 40w - Out of Stock

Aquatic Plants will display healthy growth if they are provided with "warm roots" i.e. the temperature within the substrate is slightly higher than that of the water above. This temperature differential between the substrate and the water induces a gentle water circulation, which both prevents the formation of stagnant areas and the build up of undesirable by-products within the substrate while providing the roots with a constant supply of the nutrients necessary for optimum plant growth and vitality. Regular thermostat controlled aquarium water heaters, will keep the water above the substrate at a stable temperature however the temperature of the substrate and the plants roots will always be slightly below the water temperature. Low power substrate warming, in addition to regular water heating is therefore the logical solution for maintaining a positive temperature differential between the substrate and the water, ensuring that the plants will have the warm roots they need. The RootTherm kit provides gentle warming suitable for planted aquarium set-ups without the need for a temperature controller. Multiple RootTherms can be used for larger systems. The RootTherm will work in conjunction with any regular aquarium heater-thermostat.

Heating Cable - 40W 5m / 16.4ft
Cable Anchor -12 units
Suction Cups -12 units
24Vac Transformer- 40W
Suitable for aquarium - 400 liters / 100 gallons

  • Generates water circulation within the substrate
  • Increases nutrient uptake by the roots
  • Encourages vibrant plant growth & vitality
  • No thermostat controller required
  • Durable & safe 24v system
  • Heating System

  • Price: $53.99
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    Manufactured by Red Sea

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