Solana XL 60
By Current USA

Manufacturer Information

  • Gallons- 60
  • Tank Dimensions- 24" x 24" x 24"
  • Lighting System- Sunpod 1 x 250w HQI
  • Stand Dimensions- 28.5" x 27.5" x 32"H -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • What's Included
    Each Solana XL includes 3-panel High Clarity Aquarium, overflow box with plumbing, wood frame trim kit w/hinged glass tops, furniture grade modern black stand, glass sump, micron bag filter assembly, 200 micron filter bag, Quiet One return pump, auto top-off system, filter compartment lighting, hanging arm kit, and Sunpod HQI metal halide lighting system. Some assembly required. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Lighting
  • High Intensity PowerPaq 14,000K HQI Metal Halide
  • LED Panels provide both blue & white lunar lighting
  • Hanging Arm Attachment included
    The Sunpod produces an enormous amount of light and cuts through water to even the deepest depths. The PowerPaq 14,000k HQI metal halide(s) produce the energy your corals will need while the Moon White and/or Nocturnal Blue Lunar Lights let them relax and chill at night. Powered by our remote fan cooled ballast, the high-intensity blue light produced by the 14,000K PowerPaq HQI is so brilliant - no other supplemental actinic lamps are required.
    Sunpod HQI's are the world's first and only fixture to feature both Blue and White Lunar Lights mounted on a removable LED panel. Each color is independently controlled - allowing you to use both colors for a gradual ramp up, or one color for nocturnal viewing. Our Moon White is the only natural white light replicating the glow of a full moon. The crisp white light casts a "moon-glow" over your tank creating a beautiful nocturnal environment. The Nocturnal Blue light casts a mysterious nighttime glow over your tank creating a viewable nocturnal environment while providing all of the benefits of a lunar light.
    Housed in a sleek aluminum enclosure, the Sunpod features an integrated quiet cooling fan and strategically placed side vents - making for a really cool fixture. Hammertone HQI reflector pumps up the light output - all being protected with a sealed glass lens. New arm attachment assembly hangs the Sunpod over your system - giving you easy access for cleaning and maintenance while keeping it cool. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Filtration
  • Slim glass panel sump
  • Mechanical bag filter assembly with 200 micron nylon bag
  • Automatic freshwater top off system
  • Adjustable center positioned overflow box with dual flexible outlet nozzles
  • Energy efficient Quiet One return pump
    The Solana XL filtration system was designed with ease and performance in mind. Slimline glass sump (measures 23" x 10.5" x 16") includes a 200 micron nylon filter bag which polishes water keeping it crystal clear. Filter bag is easily removed for cleaning and fits snug to prevent water by-pass and splashing. Gravity flow auto-top off system holds 36 oz. of freshwater and keeps salinity levels stable while your away. A powerful Quiet One return pump provides quiet, energy efficient water flow to the entire aquarium. Quiet One pump is UL listed, 1017 gph, 50 watt, 120V/60Hz. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Aquarium Stand
  • Professional Modern Black finish
  • Illuminated filtration compartment
  • Seperate chiller compartment designed with proper air flow
  • Pre-assembled for easy installation
    Stylish modern black stand features 3 access doors for easy access to your filter and accessories. The professional black finish blends with many decor styles and the satin nickel hardware keeps things modern. A seperate sealed chiller compartment features bottom-draw intakes and behind the stand exhaust vent - drawing cool air in and exhausting hot air out of the back of the cabinet. All this, while leaving plenty of room underneath for the rest of your goodies. (Chiller sold separately.) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Shipping Information The Solana XL Series ships from the factory in California. Because of the size of the Solana XLs they are shipped via motor freight only within the continental U.S. You can expect your aquarium 10-14 days after day of order, and will receive an e-mail informing you of its ship date. The delivery company will contact you prior to delivery to insure you are there for drop-off. It is recommended to have 1 or 2 people there with you to help with moving of you Solana XL. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Price: $1,995.00
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    Manufactured by Current USA

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