Sump Buddy 40- 180 gallon by ETSS

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  • No Outlet Valve Needed, its Build-in
  • Ultra Compact Design
  • New Downdraft II Technology Performance
  • Tank Size: up to 180 gallons
  • Processing capability up to 500 gallons/hour
  • Size: 4 x 7 x 24" Designed with a very small footprint of only 4x7" and no valve or stand pipe needed. It has a base box height of 12" and will work submerged in up to 11" of water. Overall height of 23" fits all stands. Only 1" extra height needed to remove the cup. The Downdraft tower action has been extensively modified to create a super efficient and effective skimmer. We adjusted the downdraft tower design to allow full skimming tower action all the way to its base. The bio-ball action has been changed in the tower and this design only uses two-four large bio-balls to produce intensive foaming action when larger pumps are used (900gph),recommended for tanks larger then 100 gallons, Use 6-8 mini bio-balls when used with the normal pumps (700gph) for tanks up to 120 gallons. The foaming action and air flow through the skimmer is easily tuned by the number and type (mini or regular) bio-balls used. Making this the HOT ROD of skimmers. To aid in tuning the skimmer the back panel and downdraft tower are now in clear acrylic. This makes viewing & adjusting of the skimmers action a breeze. One of the biggest space robbers for in sump skimmer's is the water outlet control. Currently Skimmers use either a gate valves or stand pipes to adjust the internal water level in the skimmer. They can almost double the footprint of the unit in your sump, taking up valuable space or worse not even fitting in. Our answer was to create a new way of being able to adjust your skimmer. This is done with our exclusive Pat. Pending sliding gate for the outlet. Adding only 1/2" in width to the skimmer. Adjustment is simple and precise, by loosening the friction screw and moving the sliding gate either up or down to adjust your foaming action and then tightening the set screw. Do to its exceptional waste collecting ability we have included our all acrylic drainable cup that can drain into a remote container and is compatible with Compact Auto Waste Collector. Use with submersible pumps such as Magdrive #7 or 9.any 700-950 gph powerhead

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    Manufactured by ETSS

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