Taam Rio Seio Prop 1000 GPH

Taam Rio Seio Prop 1000 GPH

Cord Length: 6 ft./180cm
Dimensions: 2.6in H x 2.1inW x 4.2in D
Flow Rate: 1000 GPH

Magnet Mount:
Magnet Mount support system makes mounting of the pump quick and easy allowing the pump to be secured virtually andywhere in the aquarium. Taam Rio Prop Pump 1000 magnet mount is for glass thickness up to 1/2 in. thick.

160 Degree Directional Discharge:
Enables the pump to directed and secured at different angles.

Prop Impeller:
Prop Impeller creates hight water volume output with low pressure making the energy efficient with low heat emmessions.

Price: $34.75
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Manufactured by Rio/Taam

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